Monday, December 4, 2017

Hello Kitty Cafe!

Gimme Some Sugar!

Hello Kitty Me

The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck has been traveling all over the United States making pit stops in many cities from coast to coast. The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck recently made it's fourth appearance in my home city of Houston and I still cannot get enough! 

HK Cafe tote bag with $25 food purchase 

I finally got my kitty paws on the highly sought after supercute stainless thermal bottle! It comes in an 18 oz or 32 oz edition, but I had to go big naturally! New additions to me-wow about include a new colorful print on the bottled water and the reusable tote bag now features Hello Kitty in the adorable pink chef uniform.

Latest Hello Kitty Cafe Truck goodies!

One is just not enough!

Even after witnessing the super cutesy cafe truck debut at Hello Kitty Con in 2014, I have never missed the opportunity to visit the cafe truck! Who can resist indulging in Hello Kitty-themed sweets over and over?!

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck debut @ HK Con 2014

If the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck does not happen to drop by your town, do not forget that there is the Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe located in Irvine Spectrum Center and the more recently opened Hello Kitty Mini Cafe in Westfield Santa Anita.

Hello Kitty welcomes all friends to her cafe!

Sunshine, palm trees, and sea breeze: I must be California dreamin'! Luckily for me, this past summer, I followed my dream all the way to the west coast, temporarily escaping and seeking refuge from that intense Texas heat, to happily find myself in a golden state of mind!

Sippin' on Strawberry Mint Lemonade

My best friend and I pawed our way together on a Hello Kitty adventure and was road trippin' all along the pacific coast of the golden state in our search to find deliciously cute sweets!

We had to order 3 drinks for a taste testing!

My kitty dreams of visiting the pop-up Hello Kitty Cafe became reality! Fortunately, my best kitty friend was brave enough to accompany me on this adventure because I wanted to order EVERYTHING from the menu and she was willing to support me in this state of kitty craze!

Hello Kitty Cafe sweets

Donut Macaron 
Chocolate Opera Cake
Mama's Apple Pie
Birthday Cake

Pssst! Little Hello Kitty birdie told me to return next year due to the possibility of a new location opening up with expanding menu items!

Of course, we had to end our Hello Kitty adventure with a cute bang! No better way to sugar coat the adventure than with more dessert! The adventure concluded with a sugar coma and sweet bliss at Afters Ice Cream in Irvine who was featuring Hello Kitty-themed ice cream flavors for a limited time!

"The best things in life are sweet!" But, life could be so much sweeter when shared with good friends! No one understands your Hello Kitty crazed addiction like your best kitty friend! I have met so many sweet friends thanks to my Hello Kitty adventures! Not only do we get to share our love for Hello Kitty together, the new friendships that come out of this are simply worthwhile!

Meow Meow! 


Empower each other & create positive relationships:

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

San Diego Comic Con

Hello Comic Con!

Tokidoki x Ju.Ju.Be Be Sporty Super toki backpack was perfect for SDCC!

The fall season is upon us, but it already feels like Christmas! San Diego Comic Con announced that returning registration is coming much sooner than usual! For those who attended SDCC this past summer, mark your calendars for the battle in the Expo Logic waiting room on October 28, 2017 at 8 a.m. PDT! Here's a look back at my epic summer adventure!

San Diego Convention Center plays host to renown SDCC.

This past July, I was lucky to be one of 130,000 people to find myself at the renowned San Diego Comic Con. Despite suffering the classic con-plague symptoms including exhaustion from long lines, hanger and desert-level dehydration from the lack of eating and drinking because of those long lines, and the painful blisters on my feet from wearing my super cute but extremely uncomfortable platform shoes that perfected my cosplay thanks again to those long lines, I had the most awesome experience!

Aggretsuko snapchat filter in my Rainbow cosplay!

Be sure to go on a budget! So when you break the bank and spend all your money on all the must-haves and the cute merch in the dealer's room, you can make yourself feel better thinking you tried to go broke methodically.

Tokidoki comic con haul

Hello Kitty x Pac Man collection

Hello Kitty x Pac Man @ BAIT booth 

It's such a special and incredible experience because you can share and express your love for all aspects of pop culture with thousands of others while praying and hoping you have the chance to meet your idol & attend all the high profile events.

Marvel x Tokidoki blind boxes

The highlight of my experience was definitely the moment I got the winning ticket to attend a meet/greet session with my fav creative designer Simone Legno from Tokidoki and the talented artist Camilla D' Errico.

Camilla D' Errico & Simone Legno autograph session @ Dark Horse booth.

Be sure to make a list of the top booths you want to hit up because long lines are inevitable and most likely those lines will be capped! I was circling like a hawk for hours to squeeze into Tokidoki's line so I made sure to snag myself a worthwhile haul!

Tokidoki Booth @ SDCC 2017

Mermicorno exclusive figurine SDCC 2017

Sea Punk theme was popular theme for Tokidoki @ SDCC 2017

The Sanrio booth was to no surprise super cute and adorable! I snagged myself the Hello Sanrio exclusive tee featuring some of Sanrio famous faces displayed on rainbow suspenders.

Sanrio booth @ SDCC 2017

Metallic Sonic the Hedgehog x Hello Kitty exclusive plush was featured @ SDCC 2017

Even if you are not able to purchase a ticket to all con days, there are plenty of events going on around the convention center especially in the Gaslamp District.

"Snoopy & Belle in Fashion"

"Snoopy & Belle in Fashion" pop-up store was located outside of SDCC open for all visitors, which featured customized Snoopy & Belle outfits fashioned by Simone Legno and many other renowned designers, such as Betsy Johnson, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, and Levi's.

Tokidoki x Peanuts

Snoopy & Belle in Tokidoki couture

Be sure to follow Professor Toucan's blog to keep up-to-date on all comic con happenings and tips.

Hope to see you at SDCC 2018!

Meow Meow!

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tokidoki for Hello Kitty Sweets Collection

     The best things in life are sweet! Life is too short to not indulge in the things that make you happy! Every year I eagerly await for the next kawaii product line from my top two fav brands. The iconic characters mashup from Tokidoki and Sanrio fashions a truly unique collaboration that connects fanatics of both brands in a display of a special friendship and union.
     The Tokidoki for Hello Kitty Sweets collection is no exception and by far, my absolute favorite one yet, but it seems I feel this way about every Tokidoki x Hello Kitty collection that comes out! The products from this line are so deliciously satisfying to any enthusiast who similarly craves the Tokidoki x Hello Kitty combo.

     Simone Legno, creative director and co-founder of Tokidoki, showcased the magnificent Kittypatra at Hello Kitty Con in 2014 to honor and celebrate Hello Kitty's 40th anniversary. The reveal of the 10 ft. Kittypatra statue struck awe and admiration in all those who were able to witness her regal beauty.
     The Tokidoki for Hello Kitty Sweets collection draws on the Kittypatra concept with Hello Kitty adorning Donutella's yummy and sugary exterior. While holding a delicious milkshake and Adios star inspired lollipop in each hand, the Hello Kitty x Donutella character is majestically seated in her sprinkled throne as the true queen of kawaii. The charming shades of pink, purple, and mint display the characters from Cactus Friends and Moofia in a rainbow of pastels and candy-coated heaven. In addition, prancing angelic Unicornos add a magical touch in this colorful confection.

     Stationery collectors, prepare to drool over these office supplies! The spiral notebook, memo pads, and mechanical pencil are must haves for your daily writing or doodling.

     Fashionistas can enjoy showcasing the shoulder tote bag, handbag, or sporting the everything but casual backpack! Do not forget to grab the multi-purpose zippered pouch with a snap closure pocket on the back to store your supercute belongings.

     Break time just got appetizing with the delectable lunch bag, which comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. On-the-go getters can chase their dreams and goals by taking their coffee in a ceramic mug or stainless steel bottle.

     Travelers and jet setters can enjoy the cushy ride to their destination with the delicious donut-themed neck pillow and a cozy throw blanket magnifying the vibrant print. The throw measures 78" x 55" (200 cm x 140 cm) and composes of 100% polyester material. When you arrive at your destination, quickly tame the wild hair with the stylish hair brush lined with hot pink bristles before making your grand appearance.

Do not delay your adventure and secure your keys and ID with the accessible key leash lanyard!

     This scrumptious collaboration offers a buffet of sweets and treats that will have you wanting a taste of all the products! Every fanatic will delight their sweet tooth with the supercute Tokidoki for Hello Kitty Sweets collection. In traditional exciting anticipation, I cannot wait to peek at what inspiring concept Tokidoki and Sanrio will have in store for us in the next collection.

Help yourself to something sweet!

Meow Meow =^.^=

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